Toronto-based Napoleon’s latest EP, “Dear God” is not afraid to ask tough questions; Atlantic Canadian Tour Announcement

Toronto-based Napoleon’s latest EP, “Dear God” is not afraid to ask tough questions; Atlantic Canadian Tour Announcement

Sarah had the pleasure of getting to speak with @napoleontoronto lead vocalist, Jon Elmaleh regarding the release of their upcoming EP, “Dear God,” to be released May 31st.

Lyrically, Dear God is an EP about faith. More specifically, the lack thereof – both in God, and yourself. “Help Me” for example tells the story of a man who chose to dedicate his life to serving god at the expense of having a family/friends/life outside religion, meanwhile “Lord and Savior” asks the question I’ve found myself asking since I was young, which is if God is so great and good, and so real, why do terrible things still happen in our world, why isn’t God stopping them from happening if God has the power. Both “Heartless” and “If I Go” deal with themes of self doubt, from a religion and an internal standpoint, asking questions like “did god just abandon me because I’m not good enough?” or “If I died would anyone even know.”

Based in Toronto ON, Alt-Punk/Post-Hardcore four-piece, Napoleon, has been attracting attention from fans and media alike since their formation in early 2018. Celebrated as one of ‘23 Canadian bands Silverstein’s Shane Told knows will keep the scene alive’ in an article by Alternative Press where the famed vocalist filled the publication in on what he feels is the best of the best in Canadian music, the band’s praises are sung far and wide. Alt-Press went on to call the band “heavy in an original fashion,” and say that “Toronto should be proud of these up-and-comers.”

Best served live, Napoleon has a lot of energy on stage and make a point to get the crowd involved. While you can get a pretty good taste of just how wild it’d be to see them thrash in person by listening to the music, vocalist Jon Elmaleh says that “there is a certain amount of energy that is just not translated onto the record.” All upcoming dates listed below!


Upcoming Atlantic Canadian Tour Dates:

July 17  Southside Lounge – Bathurst, NB

July 18 – Shred Shed – Miramichi, NB

July 19 Woodside Tavedrn – Dartmouth, NS

July 20 Wasted Day Brewing – Saint John, NB

Get your tickets, and listen to “Dear God” here –


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