Lowlive’s Full-Length Debut, “Freaking Out” is a tribute to the great alt-rock bands of the 90s!

Lowlive’s Full-Length Debut, “Freaking Out” is a tribute to the great alt-rock bands of the 90s!

Sarah had the pleasure of getting to sit down with @lowlives drummer, Luke Johnson to talk about the band’s upcoming full-length debut release, “Freaking Out,” released May 31st via Spinefarm Records!

I personally love the sound this band produces. If you’re a fan of 90s alt-rock, then you will, too!

The hard-hitting video for the album’s most recent and infectiously catchy single, LOSER, has racked up over 200K views since its release.

Distinct thrashing guitars, heavyweight drums, and lyrics so catchy you can’t help but shout back the words that are best listened to at max volume – hard rock is in good hands with this band. ‘Freaking Out’ is, above all, the distillation of what Lowlives is truly about – it’s rock music to make you fall in love with rock music all over again.

Check out Sarah’s Interview with Luke HERE!

You can listen to “Freaking Out” by clicking the link below, or listen wherever you stream your music!


Posted by Sarah MacDonald

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