Atreyu’s Latest Album, “The Beautiful Dark of Life” Beautifully Talks of Self-Discovery and Finding Yourself Again

I had the absolute pleasure of getting to speak with Porter McKnight of Atreyu a few weeks ago.

We talked in detail about their upcoming full-length album called, “The Beautiful Dark of Life.”

This is actually an amazing conceptual album that brings together three EPs, that tell a story. The album includes their EPs, “A Torch in the Dark,” The Hope of a Spark, and finally, “The Moment You Find Your Flame.”

This EP series and forthcoming album are about self-discovery, about finding your purpose and confidence, and your future again. A victory through the shadows and conquering the darkness. In today’s age, mental illness is the new pandemic, and this album tackles these very problems and how you CAN find light and victory in the darkness of life, and come out stronger, and with a sense of hope in your heart.

The Rock community, of late has really taken a strong-hold in talking about mental illness, and it’s beautiful to see.

I recommend listening to this album, because it’s amazing. If you’re looking to rock out, scream-sing or find relatability, “The Beautiful Dark of Life” has you covered.

You can catch my conversation with Porter on our Facebook and Instagram pages now!

“The Beautiful Dark of Life” will be released on December 8th, 2023 via Spinefarm Records, and can be streamed wherever you listen to music! – Sarah

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