Carolyn Dawn Johnson’s Latest Single “Road Blocks” Out NOW!

Here’s our own Sarah MacDonald’s latest interview with the amazing Carolyn Dawn Johnson in honor of her latest single, “Road Blocks”

CDJ was my first ever in-person interview back in 2013 at Cavendish Beach Music Festival , and I’ve had the pleasure of running into her again over the years, but this interview felt more like a fun conversation of music and reminiscing!

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Produced by Carolyn and written by Carolyn, Jennifer Lynn Kennard and Oscar Charles, “Road Blocks” encapsulates the resilience and determination needed to overcome life’s obstacles and push through those roadblocks. This electrifying song is more than a drum-thumping, guitar-driven, feel-good jam; it’s an anthem of empowerment amidst personal struggles.

Said Carolyn, “Road Blocks may sound like it’s just a rockin’,  roll the windows down jam with the groove, guitars & all the driving & vehicle references, but it’s way more than that.  With all the personal roadblocks I have encountered, it’s anthemic & empowering with a deeper meaning to me. My hope is that others who have had hard things in life or are currently in the middle of something tough, will feel like they can find a bit of extra strength to get through them as they turn it up & sing along.”

Road Blocks is available NOW anywhere you stream music!

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