Lzzy Hale Talks With ACR’s Own Sarah MacDonald on the Healing Power of Music and The Importance Of Mental Health Awareness

Lzzy Hale Talks With ACR’s Own Sarah MacDonald on the Healing Power of Music and The Importance Of Mental Health Awareness

This was the interview I’ve wanted to give for years. The interview that I NEEDED to give to be able to let a huge weight go from my own heart.

I needed her to hear my story because she literally helped save me.

My goal during this interview was not to break down, but I did – hard – and I’m actually really glad that I did. It just made the talk we had all the more real and raw, and that’s okay with me.

I’m a human being with deep and complex human emotions who’s currently entangled in the daily battle of a “severe” anxiety, depression and PTSD diagnosis, where every day is a battle. So, finding the strength within me to express these feelings to the main person who helped get me through them in the first place is a feeling I can’t even begin to describe.

Lzzy Hale is someone who just gets it – plain and simple. She’s real, and has been very open about her struggles with mental health for years. You can hear it in her vocals, read it in her lyrics, and she continues to put herself out there daily. She, like a lot of us, are going through the motions of a mental health journey. Her music resonates on a level I can’t even begin to explain because of that as well, and I know for certain that I am not the only one who feels this way. #freakfam

PS. They will be doing a headlining tour up here eventually so USE YOUR VOICE TO HELP GET HALESTORM BACK TO ATLANTIC CANADA!!!

Talking about mental Health awareness is SO important today. Mental illness has become the new pandemic, with suicide rates higher than ever. There are many great resources out there now, and more are made available every day that are at your fingertips, if you are unable to seek help.


At the very least, don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Don’t be afraid to take prescribed medication (in a healthy way) in order to have a sense of normal.

You are not alone,
You are NOT a burden
You matter, and
You are LOVED.

Check out my chat with Lzzy via our Instagram and Facebook pages! I hope you enjoy and take away something from this chat. I know I sure did. Thank you, Lzzy. From the bottom of my heart.  See you in Atlantic Canada soon, my friend! – Sarah

Posted by Sarah MacDonald

Sarah MacDonald is Atlantic Canada Rock's Managing Editor and Senior Reporter, based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Since her inception into Atlantic Canada Rocks in October 2012, she has helped in the organization of various campaigns to bring artists to Atlantic Canada, most notably our "Rush the Hill" campaign which was successful in bringing Rush to Atlantic Canada in 2013. Sarah has also taken it upon herself to learn the ropes and ways of media life by keeping in contact with various promoters, tour and artist managers as well as public relations representatives to ensure all ACR readers get the correct and most accurate news and updates on all artists that visit Atlantic Canada. With that, she's garnered a very positive reputation among industry colleagues which have lead her to interview and review some of the best artists in the business today!