A Conversation with Kyle Pastor of Archetypes Collide

Do you like bands like Linkin Park, I Prevail or  Bring Me The Horizon?

If that’s the case, then we strongly suggest you check out Archetypes Collide’s self-titled debut album released March 31, 2023 from Fearless Records

Prior to the album’s release Sarah had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with lead vocalist, Kyle Pastor to talk about the album, it’s unique sound and the meaning behind some of the album’s deep and powerful lyrics, like in their tracks “Parasite,” the opening track on the album, as well as the track “What If I Fall,” and so many others.

It’s an album that provides hope and authenticity and something Sarah said that personally resonated with, and we hope you feel the same, and we really hope that you enjoy this interview as much as Sarah did!


Click HERE to check out Sarah’s interview with Kyle, and enjoy!


You can listen to Archetypes Collide’s debut, self-title album on all streaming platforms, or purchase the album HERE!

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