Review: Archetypes Collide’s Self-Titled Debut Is an Absolute Banger That Hits Hard

Today is the release of the debut self-titled album of Fearless Records’ ARCHETYPES COLLIDE. Prior to it’s release, I had the pleasure of getting to check out the album in full and I absolutely loved it. I’m a fan of this genre of music already, so hearing this album was a real treat for me. One thing I love about this band, and bands like them in recent years in the rock community is that that they get that people have problems, and that people are suffering and the music being released, while heavy, is welcoming to anyone who wants to listen (no matter what genre you prefer) and it gives a strong message of hope and really gives you a feeling of community, support and through music makes you feel like you’re not alone in whatever you’re feeling.

The album begins with the track “Parasite, and grips you right from the beginning with slow, soft melody that builds into a banger of a track that you just can’t help but head bang to! Unlike other hard rock/metalcore bands, Archetypes Collide’s debut really experimented with many different types sound and production on this project, and paired them with gut-wrenching lyrics that take you on path of self-exploration. This resonates in their track, “What If I Fall.” This track was a personal favorite track of mine, as it personally resonated with me. The lyrics talk about someone on a high in life, but is crippled with the fear of failure and letting people down. “I’ve always had a deep rooted fear of letting my friends and family down,” says lead vocalist, Kyle Pastor.Even though I know they’ll love me in the midst of my failures, the anxiety of it all buries me and pushes me further away from them. I hope this song can be an anthem for those who feel that same burden.” Another great track on the album that I loved from the moment I heard it was, “My Own Device.” This track has your classic rock elements, but incorporated a lot of 80s-style synths that added a melodic element you don’t typically hear in metal songs today.

The band had a long road to get to where they are now. It was originally their EPs and singles that drew them to fans. But when they caught the attention of Oshie Bichar, bassist for Beartooth their path became clearer and set. Bichar enlisted his own management, and the pair took Archetypes Collide under their wing. Soon after, SiriusXM’s Octane got behind songs like “Your Misery,” “Becoming What I Hate,” and “Above It All.” The band appeared on major festivals like Aftershock, Louder Than Life, and Welcome To Rockville, toured with genre giants The Amity Affliction.

 Archetypes Collide spent several weeks in the first part of 2022 making their inaugural full-length, with a super team surrounding them to execute their vision. Bichar produced alongside Nick Ingram (Dayseeker, Convictions, Hawthorne Heights) at Capital House Studio in Ohio. Additional production came from Jon Eberhard (Skillet, I Prevail, Until I Wake); The Plot In You front man Landon Tewers lent a creative hand as well. The resulting album, mixed by Jeff Dunne (Ice Nine Kills, Wage War, Make Them Suffer), captures the vibrant spirit of the 2010s-era Warped Tour with a postmodern edge. It’s a diverse but singular mission statement, brimming with authenticity and hope.


You can check out Sarah’s interview with Kyle Pastor on Facebook and Instagram


ARCHTYPES COLLIDE’S Self-titled debut is available NOW

You can also stream the album on all available platforms!

  • Parasite
  • “Fade Away”
  • “Counterfeit”
  • What If I Fall
  • My Own Device
  • “Suffocate Me”
  • “Destiny”
  • “Deep End”
  • “Separate”
  • “Paranoid”
  • “Silence”
  • “Love Again”


  • Kyle Pastor – Vocals
  • Brandon Baker – Guitar
  • Jared Knister – Guitar
  • Ky Sanders – Bass
  • Tyler Flamm – Drums

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