A Conversation with Ben Chase

ACR: First, congratulations on all your success! You’ve had quite the 2019. Describe the feeling when you realized that “All Over It” hit #1 on the first day of its release!

BC: Thanks so much. That feeling was indescribable. All Over It was actually my very first single, so I had no clue what to expect through it all. I had my fingers crossed to see it crack the top 200 list and to watch it climb to #1 and seeing how people reached out to help and make it happen was incredible. Was a great way to launch my career as a solo artist.

ACR: Do you write your own music, or do you work with collaborators?

BC: I do write, daily. I spend a lot of time co writing. I was a songwriter on both of my singles that are out now. I’ve learned adding different minds to writes can only make a song better. However my next single was a song I had pitched to me, that was written by David Lee Murphy, Justin Moore, and Jeremy Stover. Normally I like releasing songs Ive written, but this song was so darn good I couldn’t pass it down. Although I will have writes on the majority of songs my album. That’s the only way to get better.

ACR: This is so exciting for me as a fellow and proud Islander to see the success you’ve had. You’ve played some of the biggest country stages in the country and in the US, and now you get to play the main stage here at home at Cavendish Beach Music Festival. What does it mean to you to come back home and play the biggest stage on your home turf?

BC: It’s so exciting. Definitely the show I have been looking forward to most this summer. Growing up in PEI I would go to CBMF every year and dream to one day take the stage, and honestly when setting goals for 2019, it was on the top of my list to come home to play the festival. I have been playing in Western Canada the past 3 years, causing me to miss my favourite festival and weekend of the year, so I have 3 years of making up to do on that stage, and make memories that will last forever.

ACR: What can fans expect from your live show?

BC: Our live show is so full of energy and great music. I’m honoured to have a band of some of the best musicians in Canada playing in my band, including CCMA winners, ACMA nominees, ect. Also I think I will debut one or two brand new songs that I have never played live before, to let the hometown crowd hear them before taking them into studio.

ACR: Be it writing or performing, who are some of your influences?

BC: Writing, It would be Old Dominion and Gordie Sampson. I listen to Old Dominion’s albums more than any, the vibe they bring is just special. Also Gordie is one of the best songwriters on the planet, and has written some of my favourite songs of all time. Live performing I really look up to Garth Brooks and Hunter Hayes. You watch one of these guys shows and you don’t lose attention for a second, they really are masters at capturing a crowd which is not easy to do. I really try to do that and make sure the crowd has the best time, like they would at a Garth or Hunter show.

ACR: What are your plans post CBMF 2019?

BC: Post CBMF, I’ll be playing at the Calgary Stampede the Tuesday after Cavendish. In that month we will be playing from PEI all the way to BC, coast to coast. With such a busy summer we will be playing in a lot of new cities that we have never been. Travelling a lot, and enjoying the sunshine, and the fact that I get to spend my summer playing music. I’ll be releasing new music, and finishing up a national radio tour.

ACR: What is on your current playlist these days?

BC: I’ve been listening to the Reboot album that Brooks & Dunn released this year. Some mega hits remade with some of the best artists out there right now. Also I have been listening to the new Leaving Thomas album a lot, it’s incredible. So many close friends of mine took part in this album, playing, writing, producing, and it’s amazing how well put together this album

If you want to check out Ben Chase at this year’s Cavendish Beach Music Festival, he’ll be playing Friday, July 5th on the Bell Main Stage at 1:00pm, and Saturday, July 6th on the Cavendish Farms Kitchen Stage at 6:45pm.

See you in Cavy! 🙂

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