REVIEW: Hanson’s STRING THEORY Reaches New Heights For the Trio

String Theory, released today, is the latest project from Isaac, Taylor
& Zac who are better known as the trio Hanson.

After 25+ years together in the music industry, the guys wanted to
embark on something that challenged their abilities, and upped their
game as arranging artists. In their most challenging project to date,
String Theory brings with it a unique central story of hope against all

Working with Oscar-winning composer, David Campbell (Who also happens to
be the father of acclaimed performer Beck), Hanson had crafted their
story using a wide array of songs from the group’s catalog – but with a
symphonic spin, as they were accompanied by a 46-piece symphony
orchestra! This includes some big hits such as “MMMBop,” ‘Where’s The
Love?” and “This Time Around.” For cemented fans of the group, this
breathes new air into the songs they’ve know for years, and in some
cases, like “Yearbook” (My personal favorite Hanson track), the songs
sound better than the original version. On the other hand, new and old
fans alike were also introduced to previously unreleased material in
tracks like “Siren Call” and “No Rest For The Weary.” Throughout the
23-track double album we see many sides of Hanson in terms of their
arrangement and composition of songs. This really is an album that has
something for everyone as, while they DO have the obvious orchestral
sound in each track, they also experiment with so many genres.

Hanson has always been group in a genre all their own, never wanting to
be like everyone else and in String Theory they’ve proven this once
again, and very successfully, I might add!

Hanson are presently on tour promoting the new album with two Canadian
dates coming up on November 20th and 21st at Toronto’s Queen Elizabeth
Theater. Tickets for the dates can be purchased HERE, and judging by
the album, the live performance would be one NOT to be missed!

You can purchase your copy of String Theory HERE!

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