A Conversation with Emerson Drive

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Sarah here! I had the chance to sit down with Emerson Drive on site at the Cavendish Beach Music Festival and hang out on their tour bus and chat about past times here, what fans can expect from their live sets, and even talk of new music from the group in the near future!  Here’s what they had to say!


Emerson Drive

SM: Welcome back to Cavendish, guys! It was so awesome getting to see you play the last time you were here! Do you have any fond memories of the past visits to the East Coast?

ED: We love playing this festival! To see this festival going on for as long as it has (8 years now) is a pretty cool thing. There are a lot of people coming out to see the show, too. Not just from this area either, we talk to people from clear across the country that know about Cavendish, so it’s a huge pat on the back for everybody out here, and for supporters of the festival, and it’s great! We always enjoy coming here and playing for our East Coast fans!

SM: For fans that haven’t had the chance to see your live set, what can they expect from Emerson Drive?

ED: High energy!! Any time we get to play in front of a crowd like this, we really feed off of the people that are out there. It’s a really unique situation, and can sometimes be hard to contain yourself because you want to give as much back as the crowd is giving you. We’re very fortunate to have a great fan base here, and it’s nice to send that energy right back to them!

SM: When you guys are on the on the road for long periods of time together, what do you do for fun – any pranksters among you, by chance?

ED: (Brad) Facebook has definitely made pranks more fun. It’s nice to get on Danick’s phone sometimes. He usually doesn’t leave it around and unlocked often, but when he does, we can usually text 20 or 30 of his contacts. We usually send things like, “I Love you,” “I miss you”, or “I love that thing you do with your leg ;)”


SM: Whether it’s a song of your own or a cover is there a favorite song you guys like to play live?

ED: That one – He’s playing it right now! (Referring to the collaboration they did with Tebey of “Wake Me Up.”  Tebey was on stage performing the song while the interview took place).So now we won’t play that tonight, we’ll play something else!

SM: So you guys have a pretty stacked summer ahead of you, what’s in store for you beyond that?

ED: We’ll be back in the studio, actually as soon as we wrap up our summer gigs and we’ll be concentrating on music for the new album.

 **You can purchase Emerson Drive’s latest EP, “Tilt – a-Whirl”, featuring the single, “A Good Hurt” on their website, as well as iTunes!


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