Who do you want to see in concert?


I would like to personally welcome everyone to the Atlantic Canada Rocks Community. This is a big day for Rock and Roll in Atlantic Canada. This will be the first time that everyone in Atlantic Canada can come together and talk about who they want to see, discuss it with others, create “groups” in support of bringing certain acts, get the latest concert news and rumors, as well as see the latest concerts coming up, everywhere in Atlantic Canada, whether big or small. They can do all this in one place- here at AtlanticCanadaRocks.ca.

This community was not created by a concert promoter, but rather by a lover of Rock and Roll- Just like many of you. The fact is- Artists just look at us and say no because we have less population, and were a out of the way drive for tour buses. This idea came to light last year after I successfully helped to bring AC/DC to Atlantic Canada with my Facebook group ” AC/DC Atlantic Canada Concert WANTED” which gathered over 25,000 members. This could have never been accomplished without everyone joining together in support. This just shows that if we work to get the acts we want, it can be done. With this in mind, it’s time to take this to the next level, going beyond Facebook and creating a place where the whole site is centered around one thing- bringing the acts WE want to Atlantic Canada.

Lets now start things off, by asking the most important question! Who do YOU want to see play in Concert that has never been here or hasn’t been here in a long time? Tell us by commenting on this article, and posting in the forums.

This is only day one- Heres to many great concerts in the future. Mark this community in your bookmarks. This is now the new, easy place to find out everything to do with concerts in Atlantic Canada.

Thanks to everyone, hoping to hear from you soon! ROCK ON!

Cole McLean

Posted by Cole McLean

Cole is the founder of Atlantic Canada Rocks, launching the community nearly a decade ago. Cole listens to many types of music daily, from Bruce Springsteen to Katy Perry to Metallica. In his time at ACR, Cole has covered dozens of shows and interviewed several artists from Joe Satriani to Mariana’s Trench.