A Conversation with Jason McCoy of The Road Hammers

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Sarah here, again with another awesome interview. This time with Jason McCoy of The Road Hammers who are scheduled to hit the Cavendish Beach Music Festival Main Stage Friday, July 8th! If you haven’t seen these guys live, you’re in for a hell of an entertaining show! They bring so many amazing elements into their sets that leave you just wanting more from them!

I had the chance to interview Jason McCoy particularly about their music, and the excitement of returning to the CBMF Main stage! Enjoy!


SM: “Wheels” has been out for a just over two years now. What has the fan reception been like?

JM: We took a long time off between records, so I was apprehensive about the fan and industry reaction coming back. It’s been amazing. It’s been the same as a camp fire coal – if you take it away from the fire, it turns black and cold, but the very second you put it back to the fire, it’s red hot. The Road Hammers literally have the best fans in the world! They gave us a gold single with “MUD”. Enough said!

SM: Do you have a favourite track?

JM: I really love “MUD”, not just because it was such a huge hit. I love the way it lights up the room, everybody sings the opening with us and they all chant “MUD” when they hear the chorus. It just feels fun! There’s nothing better than the crowd singing along with you. I love it.

SM: Are there any plans to return to the studio any time soon to create a new record?

JM: We’re actually locking in some dates for the fall as we speak. We’re very eager to get in and record more. Creatively, we’re in a really good spot.

SM: I have to ask – how did The Road Hammers come to be?

JM: I received a CCMA Male Artist of the Year win as a solo artist, and had just released the album Sins Lies and Angels. I didn’t really know how to follow it up at the time. I was telling a friend of mine at CMT that I’d like to do a one off album like the Travelling Wilbury’s, but singing songs like the classic truckin’ albums. He said he’d like to film me putting it together, and the next thing you know, the album debut was number one, and the Hammers were born! It’s all been a truly amazing experience. It’s still hard to believe.

SM: Over the past 11 or-so years, what has been your most significant accomplishment?

JM: Winning the Juno, Platinum Album, and Gold Records have been amazing. But my biggest musical accomplishment has been my inner growth as a musician and entertainer. I’ve always struggled with chasing what “the other guy is doing”, but I’ve grown into being comfortable in what I do. I write, record and perform format perspective now, and I don’t worry about the outcome as much as I used to. I think that makes better music.

SM: Are you looking forward to returning to the Cavendish Beach Music Festival?

JM: Absolutely! The last time we played there it was raining, so we jumped out into the crowd and got all muddy with everyone  (perhaps that was the real inspiration for the song “MUD”). The East Coast, and PEI in particular, just seems to be the way life is supposed to be. I love it. It’s such a treat to get down East and perform.

SM: Your live shows are always fun, and loud – what are your favorite songs to perform live?

JM: “MUD” is awesome, as I said; the crowd really turns it into a party. “Girl On The Billboard” is fun too, and as a guitar player, it scratches all the right itches. “I’m A Road Hammer” never gets old. It was our first single—our first hit—and it reminds us of exactly who were are.

You can check out The Road Hammers’ latest album, “Wheels” on their website, SoundCloud, and iTunes!

**For more information on Atlantic Canada’s largest outdoor music festival, artist lineup, and tickets to the LOTTO MAX presents Cavendish Beach Music Festival, please visit www.cavendishbeachmusic.com

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